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Getting to Salamanca


All Startup OLÉ ’22 participants have a 10% discount available on Renfe trains and Iberia planes.

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Travel by Plane

Iberia is the largest Spanish airline and the leading airline between Europe and Latin America; it belongs to the IAG airline group and is part of the Oneworld alliance.

Its aim is to always be the best option for travel. Together with Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum, they offer flights to fifty countries all over the world from Madrid airport, where they have developed their hub.

Salamanca is among the national destinations connected to the international flight network via Madrid (Atocha or Chamartín). With its Bus&Train product you can buy your single combined ticket. And you can check-in online and get your boarding passes from the day before up to 2 hours before the departure of your flight.

Travel by Train

By train, Salamanca is well connected to Portugal, Madrid and Barcelona.

Check the website of RENFE.

From the airport, catch the “Cercanías” (light rail) or Metro to “Chamartín” train station.

From Chamartín train station to Salamanca the fast trains (called ALVIA) take 1 hour 30 minutes and run 2 times a day.

Travel by Bus

By bus, you can book directly from Madrid through this web.
The bus takes about 2 hours 45 minutes from Madrid.

What to do

in Salamanca

A bit of history.

Salamanca lies by the Tormes river on a plateau and is considered to be one of the most spectacular Renaissance cities in Europe. The buildings are constructed of sandstone mined from the nearby Villamayor quarry, and, as the sun begins to set, they glow gold, orange and pink. It is this radiant quality of the stones that has given Salamanca the nickname La Dorada, the golden city.

Check out more on Salamanca’s history.


Guided Tours

Salamanca's tourism map to guide yourself through its streets.

The perfect brochures to get informed.

The on-line tourism information Office of Salamanca.

Here you will find the best located underground parking lots.

Public services adresses and contacts.

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